Listen to your heart, you have the answers.

For many of us, we tend to reach out and constantly ask for answers, yet we never look within ourselves to find the answers we need. We are always asking those around us for their opinions and advice but never asking ourselves what we might think is best for ourselves?

Because honestly, no one knows you better than you do! We are the ones who spend day in and day out with our thoughts, we are the ones who have travelled this life in our body following our hearts, listening to our own thoughts.

So since when we did we become so disconnected from our conscience and begin to listen to others more than ourselves? When did another’s opinion become more important than our own? When did lose touch of own our beliefs and needs?

Despite being in a relationship I am a lone wolf, I spend a lot of my time on my own, if I want to spend the day hiking in the forest I will, if I feel like a solo camping trip then ill do it, I don’t let others tell me I shouldn’t do these things because they are dangerous, or because I’m a female hiking on my own, for fuck sake if I let fear overrule me my life would be boring as shit. So why do you let others tell you what to do? Why do you let them install fear into your life and let them control you?

Because we care right? And believe their opinion matters, well yes to a certain degree, however when taking on someones advice you chose how much you want to absorb and only take from it was is beneficial and positive. Everyone’s dying to tell you what they think you should do, yet we forget whose opinion matters the most, and that is our own.

I honestly believe my free spirit and ability to do as I please has derived from myself being the youngest, out of my 2 sisters, I was unstoppable as a child, I was pretty wild and didn’t really let anyone hold me back, and I’ve carried a lot of that nature with me, I owe a lot to my parents for allowing me to be the child I wanted to be. Regardless of your upbringing you too can lead a free-spirited life, you too can follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

I don’t want you to think that we should totally shut out the world, yet instead open yourself up to what you want to do and the endless possibilities presented to you by following your heart.

Next time you are faced with a boulder on your path, instead of calling your mum and asking for what she thinks you should do, turn to yourself and ask yourself what you should do, and would ya fucking look at that, there’s a sneaky track next you re-routingΒ around the boulder and all you had to do was look and you found it yourself!

You are capable of a lot more than you realise, you need to start believing in yourself and believing in what you want to do, the moment you start hiking on the track you want to be on you’ll find yourself out in the wilderness, surrounded by powerful mountains, old pine trees and the best god damn scenery you will ever see!

Please don’t let society restrict you, cut of any negative ties you have holding yourself down and set forth on the best adventure you’ll every experience, and that is your very own tailor-made adventure!!!

6 thoughts on “Listen to your heart, you have the answers.

  1. Thank you for this advice. You’re right: While listening to others is important, ultimately the choice to do or not to do something is up to you, so you’ve got to carefully consider what is best for you.

    But: Is it possible, after listening to peoples’ advice and getting what you want to get out of it, and following your heart, to still end up on the wrong path?

    The reason I ask that question is:

    No one is perfect. We all fall short to some extent. We can’t see where every path leads.


      1. That’s true: Every decision we make teaches us a lesson. So, in that way, there is no “wrong path.”

        I realize now that my question “Is it possible to end up on the wrong path?” stemmed from fear: Fear that I would come to a point in my life where it was no longer possible to learn from my mistakes — no longer possible to make right what I gotten wrong.

        Thank you for replying to my comment.


  2. There’s a saying that when we talk to ourselves we go mad; and we become sane when we really to talk to others.
    It might be just me…but my comments always feel a bit awkward…like me!!!
    Anyway I wanted to say two things: there’s something really attractive about the way you write. And, have you ever thought of exploring psychoanalysis or psychotherapy…perhaps even becoming a therapist?


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