Don’t let yourself suffer.

Over the past fortnight things have been truly tough for me, physically and emotionally. I’ve been listening to my emotions and have just let them flow naturally, I’ve spent a lot of my days crying and feeling quite unmotivated and slightly lost. Hence why I have not written anything lately as i’ve been focusing my energy towards myself.

I have not once tried to fight my emotions in fact I have tuned into them and let them flow out of my body, I have reached out to certain friends to let them know that I’ve hit a bit of a low point and that I’m not doing ok, in the midst of doing this did I feel weak? Heck no, each time I reached out to a friend I was overwhelmed with love and support and if anything I felt stronger knowing I had the courage to stand up and ask for support.

Unfortunately there are those out there who struggle to reach out for help, those who are floating through life feeling lost and confused, people who are unsure of how to ask for help due to the fact they feel like they may be knocked back down and told to ‘man up.’

Well let me remind all of you that if you are having a shit day, talk to someone, tell someone please, my email is here for you to reach out to myself as well. No one on this earth deserves to suffer nor suffer alone. We all reach low points in our life, I do too considering how happy and bubbly I am, some days I just go fuck I can’t take it, and ease back and focus my energy towards nurturing my own soul.

Please remember that life is good, and you don’t have to suffer and torture your mind with dark thoughts, things will get easier as time goes by, yeah you will reach rocky outcrops that you have to climb over, but once you get over that rock you will see your beautiful, colourful life and feel at ease.

I don’t have the answers, I’ve barely been on this earth long enough to understand half the things most people know, but what I do know is that i’ve been given a gift to help bring sunshine into people’s lives and help people cope with their everyday struggles, and I’m going to use that gift to my ability. So please, put a smile on your face, maybe sit down, relax and watch a funny movie, and go for a swim in the ocean, or invite your friends over for a BBQ, you don’t have to be alone in trialling times.

Remeber; the earth loves you and so do I.

4 thoughts on “Don’t let yourself suffer.

  1. I’m sorry things have been tough for your recently. I will pray for you, and I’m here if you need someone to talk to.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You’re right: It is important to let emotions flow, not keep them bottled up inside. And life is, fundamentally, good: Not only are other people here for us, to help us and guide us, the earth is here for us too.

    You are one of my favorite bloggers. It’s so nice to see a person committed to helping others and helping themselves. Since finding your blog, my life has changed for the better: I feel more confident, more knowledgeable about who I am and what I need to do to be the best person I can be.

    Thank you for loving me.

    And thank you for all you do.


  2. I think the only solution, though solution is not the right word, to pain and suffering is a conversation. That is, a conversation with someone who is not domineering or authoritative or a bully. If we’re told to be happy and nothing’s wrong then that can be bullying. We need to find the sources of our pain because they are real and not just ignore them under the command ‘just be happy’. That’s my hope that through conversation with others we can come to an understanding of pain.

    It’s strange though to do it on the internet, isn’t it? It’s such an odd place. Anyway, there’s no reason why the conversation can’t go on through the written word.


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