Naked vibes are good vibes.

Have you ever just stood there in the ocean, bare naked, and let the waves crash over your body? Have you ever stood amongst a rain forest listening to the birds sing as you rest your naked body against a tree? Have you even climbed to the highest mountain, stripped down to nothing and embraced the powerful energy from the mountain?

If you answered yes to any to these then I’m sure you are familiar with the free, liberating feeling being naked in nature gives you, however if you answered no well you’re about to learn about a feeling you never thought you could feel and that feeling comes from Naturism, the art of freeing those restrictive clothes from your body and absorbing the therapeutic benefits of being naked with nature.

Take a tree for example, a tree has no shame in showing you its true colours, a tree has no shame in giving you all its rawness and showing you its bare skin and soul, so why are we as humans so afraid to be so raw? If a tree has the right to spread its roots among the soil and show its bare skin, then why can’t we? After all, trees and humans are very alike.

You have every right to stand tall like a tree and embrace the incredible benefits of the earth. And learn the act of loving and appreciate the body the earth has given to you.

Being naked in nature is not aiming to be pornographic, sexual or erotic (I mean sure if you want to make love in the woods you fucking go for it, I’d probably do the same!) however what I am directing this at is feeling loved in your own skin, and helping you overcome any hurtful words you have floating in your head regarding your beautiful body. Naturism allows you to love yourself and the body you’re in, it gives you the ability to feel as nature does; free.

I understand its hard for some to do this act, but stop letting your mind limit you and get out there, start by taking your shoes off and dipping your toes in the sand, and then as you feel more comfortable you can reveal your naked body to nature and reap the amazing benefits and I can promise you right now, nature isn’t going to judge you, call you fat, ugly or any hurtful words, she is only going to love and heal.

Reach out to friends who you feel comfortable with and suggest this crazy idea, direct them to my blog and help them understand what this crazy Lou chick is getting at, because  I seriously have a point, go to your local swimming hole and go skinny dipping together, I promise you you’ll all leave laughing with good memories burned into the back of your mind.

I know you want to learn to love yourself and look in the mirror and feel content and happiness, so get out there, start making those steps to a healthier, healing life.

10 thoughts on “Naked vibes are good vibes.

  1. I’m glad being naked in nature gives you such joy and peace. And thank you for recommending that others do it too.

    I agree with you: I believe that being naked can help someone learn to be happy in their own skin — can help a person love themselves just as they are, no matter what they perceive their imperfections or shortcomings to be.

    It is an unfortunate reality of life that, over time, our bodies will break down and wither. We come from the Earth, and we will eventually return to the Earth. But: Being happy in one’s own skin can turn that reality from something horrifying to something beautiful. Being happy in one’s own skin can help a person to love themselves and treat others with love — can help a person to be the best they can be.

    When it comes right down to it, we’re all the same underneath our clothes: We’re all human beings.

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  2. Lou,

    I was re-reading this post earlier today, and I thought of an answer to this question you asked:

    “…a tree has no shame in showing you its true colours, a tree has no shame in giving you all its rawness and showing you its bare skin and soul, so why are we as humans so afraid to be so raw?”

    The reason we can be afraid to be so raw is because we don’t want to be seen as a sex object because of our nudity.

    For example: The reason a person feels the instinct to cover themselves when another person walks in on them while they are naked is because they don’t want to be seen as a means of attaining sexual pleasure, because the sexual parts of their body are exposed. That’s the reason why a person would be comfortable being naked alone, but not naked in a group of strangers: because the strangers could try and take advantage of the person who is naked.

    Thank you for being willing to be so raw. You have showed me a better, more fulfilling way to live life, and I have no doubt that you are showing others a better way too.



  3. You are so right Lou my favorite place to be nude is in nature. I never feel so close to nature then when I’m nude and barefoot in the outdoors it a true connection to Mother Earth. Tim


  4. I’m sure this experience and the feeling of well-being that attends it is based on a memory from an earlier time in our life.
    It’s not a bad thing, I don’t think, to embrace the eroticism implied by this feeling. To deny its eroticism, as so many do in relation to nudity, is to exaggerate it.


    1. Lou,

      When you say “this isn’t the place to be venting about religion” are you referring to one of my two comments on this post, or the fact that I provided I link to this post when writing a post — “I’m Sorry I’m So Depressing” — on my blog?

      I know it’s late to be replying to this comment — you wrote this comment in December — but the reason I’m replying to it is: If this comment is referring to me, I’m sorry for any offense I have caused you. It wasn’t my intent to upset you.



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