You are loved.

Just in case you need a reminder today, I want to tell you that you are loved, loved by the earth and loved by many souls.

The earth is hurting and so are you, and all it really needs is some more love and compassion to be shared amongst the roots. I understand how easy it can be to fall into the trap of feeling worthless and dull. But the good thing about traps is you can always be freed from them.

All you need is a helping hand, and that’s where I reach out to you and help pick you up out of the dirt and give you the biggest rose quartz crystal you’ve ever seen to help radiate that loving energy into your life!

I’m feeling that your heart needs a little top up of love. And one thing I do to remind myself that I am loved is to literally step out onto my balcony and feel the sunshine rays on my skin, as they warm my heart and nourish my soul, I know mother earth is out there, helping me feel wanted.

Although it is nice to hear it from loved ones or friends how important you are, its vital that YOU remind yourself of how special you are in your own way, and tell yourself how much you love yourself (I know it’s a strange concept) but literally when you wake up each morning and before you even leave your bed, tell yourself that you are worthy, beautiful and loved, and right before you head to sleep do the same.

We can’t rely on others to continuously tell us how much they love us, that is why it is so important for us to know and feel love within ourselves for ourselves.

The more and more we remind ourselves of our importance the more we feel confidence and satisfaction within ourselves. And I am not referring to become a vain socialite I am literally helping you learn and understand the importance of self-worth, because believe me life does become a lot easier when you have self-assurance within yourself.

So please, take a step outside, feel the calming breeze around you and listen to the birds singing in the trees and listen to the constant reminders of the earth telling you that you are loved, and you deserve to feel loved.





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