Let it out my sisters and brothers.

Have you been having a tough time lately? And struggling to feel closure within your emotional wounds?

When I’m feeling the pressure of the world and just can’t take it anymore, I let those tears roll down my face, I cry my little heart out, ill even put on Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd and sing with him, Xavier evokes so much emotion within me, so lucky to have an Aussie like him. Yet I am not afraid to cry or admit that either.

I think it’s so important to check in with our emotions, instead of pushing them aside, I have a few friends in my life that won’t cry, they refuse to because they believe it’s a sign of weakness and that they feel vulnerable. Which saddens me that they have this perception, feeling vulnerable is not a negative emotion whatsoever, if it means opening your heart to heal then so be it. And as for the sign of weakness, that’s total bullshit, I respect people who cry, male or female and do not see them as weak, I look up to them and love them for showing me their ability to be so raw.

I want you to cry, I want you to let it all out, please don’t hold back, phone a friend and speak to them about your situation if this helps enable you to open up, sit on the beach and listen to the waves crashing on the shore and let those tears connect with the salt water.

I know I speak of optimism and being positive, but I want you to realise that in order for us to heal, we first need to face our emotions, overcome them, they want to be let out so we can let the sunshine in.

I feel so blessed to be walking on this earth, and I want you to feel blessed too. I want you to feel happiness within your soul. And I want you to cry, Jeez I get emotional when I see other humans helping each other, uplifting each other, it doesn’t take much for me to feel or tweak my emotions, I am incredibly sensitive but allowing myself to understand how I’m feeling helps me an immense amount, crying is a healing act, just as laughter is, so remember, check in with your emotions, always. Don’t fight them or hold them back, listen to them, listen to your heart.

And just go with the flow.

4 thoughts on “Let it out my sisters and brothers.

  1. Thank you for your advice Lou.

    You always seem to say just what I need to hear.

    I need to not be afraid to let the sun in to my life — I need to realize that life’s clouds aren’t meant to last forever.


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