You Matter!

I’m writing this and directing this message at you, I can see and feel that you’re hurt, and you don’t deserve to be hurt, you deserve to feel happiness.

I am an Empath, which enables me to feel humans feelings and read into their emotions, and lately I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness lingering in my fellow humans hearts. Sadness that doesn’t have to reside in their hearts, sadness that is about to be told to move on.

A lot of this sadness has derived from not feeling good enough and trying to cope with all the burdens dumped on you from life, burdens that you don’t have to let weigh you down. I would really love to remind you of how important you are, and that you my friend really do matter, even if you can’t see it, in time you will learn that you do truly matter. And you are worth residency as a human being amongst the earth.

I know you let your mind wander in to a dark place, that brings out pain within your soul, but you don’t have to continue on with this. You always have a choice, A) Smile or B) Frown. I know you’re thinking fuck it’s not that easy you stupid optimist haha, but seriously give it a try, when you’re starting to feel really low just smile, and then let your mind flood with all the positive things you are grateful for in your life, whether its your surroundings, your family, your job, your cat, your body, whatever it is if it’s a positive thought then let in flow into your brain!

I feel and see so many beings reaching out for a hand, and lately I’ve had a tremendous amount of people reaching out to me for support and I feel so grateful knowing I can help in any possible way. Please don’t deny yourself a beautiful life, because you deserve it, regardless of what negative thoughts you’ve heard in the past, brush them off and move forward.

You are important! And remember the universe has placed you on this earth for a reason, so stop thinking you’re worthless because I promise you mother earth doesn’t see you in that light, she cares for you, just as I do. So go on let those wounds heal and let that light shine out of your beautiful body, show the world you! Show the world the happy you, that feels love within themselves and loves their life.


One thought on “You Matter!

  1. Thank you for these inspiring words. I needed to hear them this morning.

    Lately I’ve felt like I’m just living life day by day — I’m going through life with no sense of purpose. Every new day, instead of feeling like a blessing, can feel like an ordeal. Another mountain to climb.

    So it’s nice to know that there is someone out there who cares. Thank you for caring about me, and wanting the best for me. You are a godsend.


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