Nature will heal your bare skin and soul.

When I say the word ‘Nudity’ what does it make you think of? Pornography, Sex, or Self Love? But honestly, what does it make you think of? Because I’m starting to learn that the way I see this word is completely different to how some perceive it.

Let me start by saying that I love my body, no like honestly I do, its taken me a few years but over time I’ve learnt to brush off any negative comments that I’ve heard about my body and have learned to feel blessed in the skin the earth has provided for me. I’ve always been active and a lover of the outdoors I eat well, most of the time, apart from the sneaky pizza, doughnuts and chocolate here there.

But it wasn’t always a light time for me, I went through phases of bulimia, phases of starving myself and running twice a day to stay skinny and hurting my skin because I wasn’t happy and hating my boobs, legs and shoulders, but then I woke up and realised, why on earth was I doing this? I have nothing to be unhappy about, and then I saw the light, the light of self-love and self-worth. That is when I started to make the mental changes, reminding myself every day of how lucky I was, and how grateful I was, and most importantly how beautiful I was.

And that’s when I discovered naturism, the art of expressing your freedom amongst nature, naturally – naked that is. I’ve always hiked, camped, climbed trees, mountains anything that is related to the outdoors I’ve done it since I was a little girl, but seriously my first every big hike which was 20k’s when I was aged ten at Carnarvon Gorge. My parents raised myself and my sisters to have the utmost respect for nature and the native spirit that watches over this land.

Now that I’m older I’ve learnt that spending my time with nature totally naked is helping me over come anxiety and stress felt from the burdens of the world. I know some pretty neat spots on the coast that are hardly visited, I just strip down to nothing and sit there absorbing those good vibes from the earth, I am always very thankful too, constantly showing my gratitude to nature, speaking with her. The fact I am able to connect with her with my bare skin allows me to connect on a deeper level. Since I’ve started doing this I have become the happiest I have ever been in my life.

And I want you to understand and feel the benefits of this act, after all it is only natural. So why not take some time out of your life, to just sit there amongst nature, naked to feel the therapeutics of the earth, I promise you your soul will be overwhelmed with love and warmth.



11 thoughts on “Nature will heal your bare skin and soul.

  1. You inspire me to love and respect myself more.

    As a result, lately I have felt more love and warmth in my life.

    Now, when I am physically or emotionally naked, I feel like I have “gotten back to the basics.” I feel like I am more able to be the person whom God created me to be.

    Thank you for inspiring me to make a much-needed change in my life, and thank you for encouraging others to make a change too.

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      1. I agree: Let’s continue to spread that light.

        Lately, I’ve felt more aware of Mother Earth: I’ve started thinking about, and seeing, the world in a way I hadn’t before.

        So far, I see two reasons why one would see the Earth as their mother:

        1. Fruit on a tree is like milk from a woman’s breast: Natural, life-giving nourishment.
        2. We come to Earth naked from inside our mother, and we feel more like our purest, deepest self when naked in nature — naked inside of our other mother.

        Lou, whether you are naked or clothed, you are beautiful. To quote Frodo from The Lord of the Rings:

        “You have so much to see. To be. To do.”

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  2. I think naturism is many things at once. It’s a social critique; it’s an expression of character, and it can be incredibly erotic.

    Nudity makes me think of sex, of course; and I think to say otherwise would be dishonest. But that’s not a bad thing, or the only thing it can be. It can be exhibitionism, for example – which can be incredibly erotic. Why is this bad? It can be something about nature too, though nature is a badly misunderstood word.


    1. Hmm interesting, not sure if I can agree with you on your thoughts on nature being a misunderstood word, please feel free to explain further? As I’m feeling you and I do not see eye to eye on this topic which isn’t a bad thing, it just reminds me that we all see things in a different perspective.


      1. About nature… I think we have this idea that nature is the untouched by the human. Whereas humans are part of nature. Animals manipulate ‘nature’ in all sorts of ways and we think it natural. Humans manipulate nature and we think it unnatural. Nature and not-nature are categories of humans not something that exists out there that we find.

        Nature is an ambiguous concept in another sense. We think of nature as wilderness and we think of us as having a nature, like in human nature.

        Maybe we disagree? Or maybe it was something else I said in my comment?


  3. Spending time naked in natural places does all that you say, and then some…. If I don’t do it for a while, during winter for instance, I miss it badly. But that mostly helps me appreciate the positives I get from being nude in nature more.

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  4. Also….I admire your ability to be in the outdoors as you are. I’ve not got the guts. I’d like to…. you’ve no reason to feel uncomfortable in your skin. Not least because there is no skin that would make us feel absolutely comfortable.

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