Love yourself, in all your rawness.

I’m passionate about so many things, but one thing that touches my soul is self-love and self-worth. Because we are all worthy, worthy of love within ourselves.

So often I see women and men tearing themselves down with hurtful words regarding their bodies. I understand we all have our ‘fat days’ however in mother natures eyes we are all beautiful. Inside and out. And you my dear need to know that you are beautiful, from your smile, to the beautiful curves on your body, to every aspect of your physical self.

I spend some of my time outdoors with nature completely naked, feeling freedom and connectedness with the earth. This helps me heal, heal any hurtful thoughts I have floating in my mind regarding my body, it allows me to love myself for who I am, regardless of what negative comments I’ve had thrown at me relating my body.

Over the past year I’ve hardly worn shoes, which makes me laugh as I write this just as I can hear all my friends in the back of my mind calling me a hippy, haha which I don’t mind, but honestly connecting with the earth with your raw skin is seriously so beneficial, They are so many studies to back me up on this as well. Earthing is such a healing practise and I would advise more to learn about it an reap the benefits.

Anyway, back to what I started talking about, you! You in all your rawness, I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and brush off all the hurtful words humans have spoken about you and your beautiful body. You only live once and I believe you should do all you can to live a pleasant life feeling humble in your own skin.

Learn to love yourself in your naked body, instead of throwing hateful comments at your body start by complimenting your body, whether its your eyes, hair, smile, stomach whatever, and each day practise this, practise switching your negative comments for positive comments, if you’re a mother and have stretch marks, instead of calling them ugly remind yourself that your body enabledΒ you to bring life to this world and your beautiful stretch marks are a reminder of the amazing journey you experienced for that life. And I honestly respect you, and respect your body for this, I look up to you.

Since I have learned to love myself more, I have felt a positive light follow me and guide me from day-to-day, and being positive has reciprocated on my life and has enabled me to help others which is a true blessing, so if I can help you love yourself then at least I’m doing one thing right.

So please, do you all that you can to see how beautiful and unique your body is, and that you were created differently to everyone else, you are you, and there is no one else out there just quite like you!




4 thoughts on “Love yourself, in all your rawness.

  1. What a beautiful picture.

    And what a beautiful post.

    Thank you for your courage and passion.

    It can be hard to get naked, to love all the aspects of one’s naked body.

    I feel like a lot of people don’t even acknowledge their nakedness. They’re naked only to bathe and have sex: Nudity for the sake of nudity is unthinkable to such people.

    I think one of the reasons why you feel so close to nature when you are naked is because that is how you come in to nature: naked. Clothing is, in a way, unnatural. A person isn’t born clothed.

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  2. Say it, sister! Because I could say this until my face is purple and it would mean little, just because I’m a man, and no matter how empathetic I am, I have no personal experience with what women go through every day. God bless!

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