Hey, you got this!

Life rang me before, and wanted to let you know you’re amazing!

Ever feel like you’re a tumble weed? Being tossed through life by the desert wind fumbling into plants and rocks along the way? The kind you would see in the Arizona desert?

Well if you answered yes then let me tell you something, life wasn’t meant to be a bed of roses, sometimes we get thrown into the desert and then have to learn how to adapt and survive. The good news is however, that life doesn’t have to be hard.

All the actions you are making whether you feel they are right or wrong are all leading you onto the wonderful path you are walking on right now. Don’t worry if you stand in a prickly cactus along the way, pull those prickles out and keep walking baby!

People will give you their advice and attempt to direct you down the path they feel is right for you, however they don’t have to be the one who walks your path, you do, so take in what you want to from their guidance and walk in the direction YOU feel your heart is pulling you towards.Β Don’t stress if you get lost, because that’s when you’ll find yourself in the middle of the fucking desert all on your own, low on water, feeling the heat, and if you take a few more steps over the horizon and you’ll find yourself next to the Colorado river lapping up the beautiful green flowing stream of goodness and know your place again.

So dive into that river, wash off what you thought was right or wrong and remember that you are doing the absolute best you can to exist on this earth, hey and don’t worry we all feel a little lost at times, heck Β I do too but I just constantly remind myself that I am doing the best I can and so are you!

And remember one step at a time, life wasnt meant to be rushed either, so sit back and enjoy that flowing stream of life.

5 thoughts on “Hey, you got this!

      1. I’m looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

        Thank you for the work you’re doing.

        I’ve been trying to have a more positive view of life lately, and posts like this help me.


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