Be here, now.

Live the moment, always.

Where are you right now? Where are your thoughts? Are they with you or in a far away land in the future?

Be here, be with your consciousΒ always, I understand its hard to drift off and think so far ahead in the future but sometimes you need to be reminded to fall back into your body and enjoy the moments you are living right now, whether it’s at work, out climbing a mountain or spending time with your loved ones.

Look I’m guilty of this too, my mind wanders off and I forget to be present and I then find myself not appreciating all that is happening around me.

But if we can continue to remind each other to enjoy all the moments we are experiencing in the now then maybe when we are older it won’t feel like we drifted through life too focused on the future to enjoy the present.

So when you wake up in the morning and place your feet on the floor enjoy it! Enjoy the moment you start your day, enjoy your drive to work, enjoy the fact that YOU are granted with the ability to work and end the day appreciating you, and your journey and how it has helped lead you up to this very moment you are existing in right this very present.

I understand goals are important to work towards, but please, be here too, be with your physical body and mind and enjoy each and every step you take in life.

One thought on “Be here, now.

  1. There is a story told about the legendary conductor Arturo Toscanini. Someone asked one of his children (or another family member) what was most important to him. The surprising answer: “Whatever he was doing at the moment.” πŸ™‚


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