Lou in the raw.

To love and feel self love within yourself.

Fuck, looks like I forgot to censor my nipples again, sorry about that, hopefully you can continue on reading without being offended by nipples, but if you can’t then how about I go and sensor all my naked baby photos too? Will that make you feel better? Because honestly whats the difference between then and now? Nothing I say! It’s still naked Lou just an older, funnier, wiser version.

But let’s be serious for five minutes, why are so many people against nudity? Like honestly what is it? Is it jealousy, is it because we are too humiliated to show off our beautiful bodies in front of others? Or is it because society deems it as inappropriate and tells us to cover up? Like fuck seriously its fucking natural, just like smoking weed, both of these are natural however smoking weed is widely accepted more than nudity.

So you’re probably asking yourself why this naked loving hippy is so passionate about this topic, well it’s because I want you to love yourself for who you are, and feel loved in your own beautiful skin, and how are you able to do that when you are constantly told to cover your body.

That isΒ where I come into your life and direct you down the path of feeling freedom in your own skin amongst nature as one. Look I’m not telling you to run around a mall with your junk hanging out because most people aren’t used to that behaviour and probably won’t succumb to it very well. However, if you do that amongst nature, she’s not going to give you any strange looks in fact she is going to encourage this behaviour.

So find a place amongst the earth that you feel comfortable sharing your body with nature and allow your self to sit, breathe and relax and soak up the energy from the earth. I might sound crazy but it’s so beneficial just sitting naked in nature at least once a week helps with my stress levels and calms my soul, and helps me become a happier more positive being.

Look at the end of the day, you only get one chance in this life to become the happiest person you can, so please do all that you can to help put yourself on that path, I may sound crazy now but remember you are beautiful and nature will not judge you only heal, so get out there, take your shoes off at least, stand in a creek bed or dig your toes in the sand and reap those amazing therapeutics provided for you by mother earth.

14 thoughts on “Lou in the raw.

  1. I think society’s view of nudity comes, for the most part, from Christianity.

    In the Bible, nudity is associated with shame.

    For example: Adam and Eve cover themselves when they see they are naked. (Genesis 3:7)


  2. Reblogged this on Catholic In The 21st Century and commented:
    As a Catholic, I believe there is a god

    I believe that God speaks to all of us in different ways.

    Reading this post, I believe that God is speaking to Lou through her desire to be naked: Her desire to better herself through time spent in God’s creation — nature: a mother to us — in the state that she is meant to be in: naked without shame. (Genesis 2:25)

    I happy for Lou. I am happy that being naked in nature is changing her life for the better.

    If more people were happy in their own skin — if more people saw their nudity as something to understand and appreciate, instead of something to be ashamed of and see as indecent — the world would be a better place.

    Industries like porn thrive on the naked body being seen as nothing more than a means of experiencing sexual pleasure.

    And it is people like Lou who, through being naked in nature, implicitly and/or explicitly say “No. There is more to the body — more to a person — than sexual pleasure.”

    Those are words the world needs to hear.

    In a way, Lou: Your nipples are saving the world.


    1. I wouldn’t call society’s view of nudity “crazy.”

      Society’s values have, in many ways, been influenced by Christianity.

      Christians have often treated nudity as taboo, for understandable reasons: Acccording to the Bible, because of the imperfect nature of the world, we aren’t able to live exactly like Adam and Eve lived. And a person is at greater risk if they are naked rather than clothed.

      The purpose of feelings like shame, and the existence of indecent exposure laws, is to help make sure that every person is seen as a human being, not a means of experiencing pleasure.

      There is a time and a place for nudity, and it is not “Whenever, wherever.”

      Ultimately, I think that’s a good thing.


      Because the peace and freedom that comes with being naked is, like all things, best experienced in moderation.

      Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.


      1. If that’s the purpose of indecent exposure laws, then they fail utterly. Compare, for example, the difference between attitudes towards women in the Middle East, and in the Scandinavian countries. Yes, there are other cultural variables that contribute to the oppression of women in the Middle East, but in my experience, it is exactly at nudist venues and gatherings that women are seen most as people, not objects.


      2. “If that’s the purpose of indecent exposure laws, then they fail utterly.”

        It depends.

        Indecent exposure laws, like most things, are good or bad depending on how they’re used.

        I would say, thinking about my words more, that making sure all people are seen as people, not objects, is just one purpose of indecent exposure laws. The thought process behind such laws, however correct or not, being: “You can’t objectify what you can’t see. For example: If you can’t see that a woman has D-cup sized breasts because of the shirt she’s wearing, than you can’t fantasize about everything you want to do with those breasts.”

        Can that mindset go too far?


        On the one hand: All exposure of skin can be seen as a crime, leading to people being covered from head to toe. That’s not right.

        On the other hand: Laws about exposure can be so lax that people could go naked anytime, anywhere, leading to people being in unsafe or unsanitary environments. For example: “That sponge you’re using to clean that plate — the man who used it last scratched his butt with the hand that was holding it.”

        Which is why I believe that, when it comes to nudity, like with all things, moderation is key. There is a time and a place to be naked.

        “…at nudist venues and gatherings…women are seen most as people, not objects.”

        I’m glad.


  3. I long for space where censorship does not exist. Space where we can speak, think, feel and do as we wish, so long as its in love. I recently left facebook for it’s censorship. We are meant to be free.


  4. I am so happy to see a nudist blog. Being a student of fine arts, we are taught to learn that our bodies are beautiful. That our bodies are made by God and don’t have to be necessarily be covered if we don’t want to. I wish it could come naturally in me, just like you but, I’m glad that it did come some way or the other.

    In ancient Greece, this practice (nudity) was designed to encourage virtue in men while they were away at war and an appreciation of health in the women. And its interesting to know that the Greek word “gymnasium” means “a place to train naked”.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody saw nudity like you do?

    “Naked is natural”. πŸ’™

    Good luck with this beautiful blog of yours! I support you. : )


  5. I think you’ve started an interesting conversation here about the links between what is taken for granted, freedom, and our relation to our bodies.
    I don’t believe that a distinction can be made between our bodies and our selves, just like a tree without its branches wouldn’t be a tree anymore, so a soul without a body wouldn’t be a person. Our relation to so many important things is bodily, from music and art to the world of plants and inanimate things. And to sex, too, which is simply the most exquisite pleasure a person can feel. I think nudism must be something like that.
    Freedom in this world, I think, comes from denying the way our economic system turns our bodies and feelings into things – things that are there to be exploited and turned into profit. What you’re doing is really interesting. And really erotic, too. Without, that is, turning your eroticism into something that can be bought and sold. True freedom requires us re-imagining ourselves in a way that counters the reduction of everything we do to dollars and cents.


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